Ferrari Mondial

Ferrari built the Mondial from 1980-1993 producing over 6,100 cars. All configurations of the Mondial featured mid-mounted V8 engines, 5-speed transmissions, and a 2+2 driving set up.

In 1980 Ferrari unveiled the Mondial 8 at the Geneva Auto Salon. The Mondial was introduced as a 2+2 sports coupe to replace the 308 GT4. The Mondial was styled by Pininfarina, unlike the GT4 which was a Bertone design. The Mondial 8 also shares the mid-mounted 3.0L V8 from the GT4 producing 215HP, as well as the chassis and suspension. The Mondial 8 had a 5-speed manual transmission. It was made from 1980-82 and 703 examples were built.

After the Mondial 8, the Mondial Quattrovalvole (QV) was produced. The Quattrovalvole featured nearly the same styling as the 8, but the engine (which featured the same 3.0L block) had a new 4-valve head. The new engine set up produced 240HP and weighed nearly 15lbs. less than the previous model. The QV was offered in a coupe or convertible configuration with a 5-speed manual and a mid-mounted engine. There were 1,145 made from 1982-85, with 629 convertibles.

At the Frankfurt Auto Show in 1985, Ferrari was ready to introduce their latest Mondial. This new Mondial featured an updated 3.2L 4-valve V8. The Mondial 3.2 produced a much more respectable 266HP and weighed just over 3,000lbs, much less than the previous models. The 3.2 also was given a fresh interior with a cleaner dash layout than the other Mondial models. Along with the engine and interior, the car was given new body-color bumpers, unlike the 8 and QV. In 1987, the Mondial was updated with ABS (anti-lock braking systems). Ferrari produced the 3.2 from 1985-89 making 987 coupes and 810 convertibles.

Finally, in 1989 Ferrari displayed the MondialT. T, which stood for the new engine layout. The engine and transmission make a "T" shape in the engine bay. The Formula 1 cars by Ferrari featured this set-up, and when Ferrari adapted it to their road car it was a huge sensation. This is the standard for most mid-engine Ferraris still built today. The new engine was a 3.4L V8 that you find in Ferrari's 348 model. It produced a factory rated 300HP. The T had many other new advantages over the previous Mondials. The MondialT featured a new adjustable suspension in 1989. With the suspension, the braking systems were again updated with high performance ABS. Also new to the Mondial, the cars had a limited-slip differential in their transverse gearboxes. The MondialT had a 5-speed manual gearbox, but a semi-auto, 5-speed automated-clutch transmission from Valeo was available. Production ended for the Mondial after the T. The Mondial model range highly increased Ferrari's customer base in the United States. Between 1989 and 1993 Ferrari made 858 coupes and 1,017 cabriolet MondialTs. MondialT coupes are very rare in the United States with only 43 coupes being delivered and all of them made in 1989.

The Mondial is not widely known as one of Ferrari's greatest creations, but it is a truly upstanding performance car. The car was not raced in series by the Scuderia Ferrari team, but many enthusiasts race their Mondials. There is a one-off production Mondial PPG pace car. It cost approximately $1million in 1989 to build, but one most recently sold at Christie's auction in 2004 for $96,000.

Credits: smb127

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