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Ascari is a British manufacture founded in 1995 by Dutch millionaire Klaas Zwart.It was named after the first double Formula One Champion Albert Ascari. Since 1995, Ascari has produced 3 production cars. Their first was the Ecosse from 1998-1999, KZ1 2003-present, and the A10 2006-present. Other cars they built are the 1995 Ascari FGT concept which the Ecosse is based off of, 2000 A410 Le Mans Prototype, 2003 KZR1 which was an upgraded version of the A410, and the KZ1R GT3 race car for FIA GT3.

1998-1999 Ascari Ecosse

The Ecosse is a mid engined sports car based on the 1995 FGT concept design by the 1999 Noble Automotive Ltd and 2009 Feniz Automotive founder, Lee Noble. It's powered by a BMW V8 tuned Hartge. There were engines offered, a 4.4 liter producing 300HP and a larger 4.7 liter producing 400HP. The very last 3 cars built used a Hartge 5.0 liter V8 producing 420HP. All Ecosses use a 5 speed manual. The Ecosse has a 0-60mph in 4.1 seconds and a top speed of 200phm(322km/h).
Today, the Ecosses are extremely rare. Original total production was 17, but 8 of them were destroyed leaving only 9 existing models. Retail price in 1999 was 89,000 British Pounds or about $140,000. Today, that's about 125,000 British Pounds or about $196,000. Ascari currently owns the last Ecosse built.

Ascari KZ1

The Ascari KZ1 was first shown to the public in a very exclusive unveiling in September 2003 at the Ascari Race Resort in Southern Spain. The KZ1 came in two forms, the luxury sports coupe or a track focused version called the KZ1-R. Each one requires 340 hours of handcrafting. Both versions are powered by a BMW S62 V8 which just so happens to be found in the BMW M5 E39 and BMW Z8 as well. The KZ1 produces 500HP while the KZ1-R produces 520HP. 0-60mph in the ZK1 is 3.9 seconds while the KZ1-R is faster at 3.4 seconds, but achieves a top speed of 200mph(321.9km/h). A 6 speed manual is used.
Just like the Ecosse before it, the KZ1 is extremely limited. A total of 50 units will be offered in both KZ1 and KZ1-R. Currently, the asking price for one is 235,000 British Pounds or $369,000.
The KZ1 was featured on Top Gear UK on November 2005. At the time when the episode was aired, the KZ1 set the 5th fastest lap of 1 minute 20.7 seconds. Currently, it rakes at 26th. 

Ascari K10

The Ascari A10 was unveiled in 2006. The name A10 is to celebrate Ascari's 10th Anniversary. It's a road going version of the KZ1-R GT race car powered by a BMW V8 producing 625hp. A 6 speed manual is standard with a sequential manual optional. Top speed is 220mph(354.1km/h) and 0-60mph is in an impressive 2.8 seconds. Price for this one will be start at 350,000 British Pounds or $600,000. Production again is extremely limited to only 50 units like the KZ1. One yellow A10 was built for extensive testing purposes before orders could be accepted. The A10 is have world class performance like Pagani, Koenigsegg, or Molser.
Fun fact: the A10 was also featured in an episode of Top Gear UK where Jeremy Clarkson compared it to a Daihatsu Materia. In the episode, the Materia won but Clarkson preferred to have the A10. Also, it achieved a lap time of 1 minute 17.3 seconds, the 7th fastest lap at the moment.

Credits: AlpinaYLO

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