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New Ranking System

Jun 25, 2013

Our New Ranking System Highlights Best Spotters

We have launched a new rating system that ranks spotters based on the quality of their photo submissions. The new ranking system adds a gaming element to the site and rewards those who upload good quality photos consistently.


How do the rankings work?

There are several different components  including overall likes, favorites, comments and other factors. We will not be disclosing the exact algorithm we use in order to prevent gaming the system, but we can assure you that everyone has the same chance of ranking and we do not manually override any parameters.


What should I do to increase my ranking?

The answer is pretty simple: upload good quality photos and receive good community feedback. If your images get more likes and favorites - it's good for your rating. If you upload an image which no one is interested in - it's not good for your rating. If high-ranking spotters like your photos - it adds more to your rating. And so on.


We want to ask everyone not to get into heated arguments about his/her rating, analyzing competitor's uploads or blaming them for some misdeeds. We are not going to tweak the rating personally for any particular spotters.

You can see a list of the top-rated spotters here:

Comments (41 total)
I didn't even care what my rating was going to be when I first joined the site. I just picked a great shot of mine and put it up for the community to enjoy. Even 11 months later and now being a Hero Member, I could give a flying fladoodle about my rank.
Posted:  10/19/2020 09:12:50
Thats rank sistem is improve more excited, happy to hear that

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Posted:  09/08/2020 07:49:40
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Posted:  05/22/2020 06:25:30
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Posted:  05/13/2020 03:01:26
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Posted:  05/02/2020 09:28:00
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Posted:  04/29/2020 23:36:18
Nice info, and its nice to have ranking system. So every user have reason to post someting.

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Posted:  04/29/2020 08:17:57
Thank you
Posted:  01/10/2019 04:24:31
I just use my phone and post because it's a bit of fun. I don't care where I stand as long as others get some enjoyment..... Keep life simple.
Posted:  06/17/2016 00:12:32
 1 like
nice !
Posted:  09/08/2015 00:23:14
I didn't even care what my rating was going to be when I first joined the site. I just picked a great shot of mine and put it up for the community to enjoy. Even 11 months later and now being a Hero Member, I could give a flying fladoodle about my rank. Everytime a new spot is put up (unless you can tell it's not legit), I put at least a like on it because that spotter put their time into getting a shot of it. In my opinion, the ranking system just tells people their popularity level, something that has never mattered to me at all.
Posted:  05/03/2015 16:53:16
I car not about ranks
Posted:  10/22/2014 13:48:15
What do you win by getting a high score? I guess nothing… I do not care about the score. I just want people to comment and like pictures that are really good and not just because the poster is a top-scorer with a huge influence…
Posted:  08/27/2014 06:41:13
Wow... remember when this website was JUST about the pictures? No stupid 15 years olds commenting... I've been on here since i 8 years ago when i was 15... turn off comments and go back to the old style....
Posted:  11/14/2013 15:53:58
@chicago_312 I was confused about that as well until I figured it out. The lower your number, the better your score. For example andrewo has a ranking of 1, which means he has been judged the best spotter on the site. (Think of it like seeding in tennis or golf ... the lower you are seeded the better you are considered to be)
So if your ranking went from 700 to 600, your ranking improved by 100, not got worse.
Posted:  08/13/2013 14:45:52
I was in the 700s, uploaded 2 more pictures, received good comments and Likes, but my ranking went down to the 600s. I don't get it. Is there a chart where it shows what's a good ranking number, medium and low?
Posted:  08/07/2013 07:50:20
I am going to be honest. I dislike everything about the ratings because everybody is worried about getting a better ranking. The likes are decreasing on cars that are amazing. This site was about having fun and sharing your pictures of cars but now it has turned into a contest that everybody is trying to win. I now dislike the site because of this and don't know if I am going to leave or stay I still haven't decided.
Posted:  08/06/2013 23:00:33
i'm gonna win, erbody know that
Posted:  08/06/2013 18:48:41
re iSpotter07 I don't think the higher-ranking spotters would be malicious. But my concern is something that is quite uncommon and therefore exotic in the small community where I live -- maybe an R8 or Maserati -- are common as dirt on the places where the highest ranked spotters live. (Correct me if I'm wrong, Andrewo or Teresa, but I suspect you don't even bother shooting such cars) So if the top spotters aren't impressed we're not going to get L/Fs from them, not because they're being mean but simply because they're not impressed.
Another issue, while I have the floor, is that I recently had 2 pics removed (twice each) and it is the first time this has happened. I posted two pics of a Jag XKR, which was the first one I'd ever seen, because there was a specific category for it. Someone else suggested they might have been removed because the XKR is "not exotic." It's obviously exotic to me, because I've never seen one, and I was confident posting the shots because there is a category.
Under this new system, my ranking would likely go down because I posted pics deemed unworthy, even though I did everything according to the rules.
Posted:  07/28/2013 11:26:41
This is actually a popularity contest now. Know why? If you are popular on the site and you have plenty of friends, then, you would surely get more likes though you only spotted a very common car. And we, being low graded spotters don't have that much power compared to those high ranking spotters. This should not be like this, This really become a contest in my opinion. We MUST be equally treated here and not BS more on the high ranking spotters. I planned of stopping in spotting and just share my spots on my fb account until they change it back to the previous one.
Posted:  07/27/2013 07:03:35
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