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New Ranking System

Jun 25, 2013

Our New Ranking System Highlights Best Spotters

We have launched a new rating system that ranks spotters based on the quality of their photo submissions. The new ranking system adds a gaming element to the site and rewards those who upload good quality photos consistently.


How do the rankings work?

There are several different components  including overall likes, favorites, comments and other factors. We will not be disclosing the exact algorithm we use in order to prevent gaming the system, but we can assure you that everyone has the same chance of ranking and we do not manually override any parameters.


What should I do to increase my ranking?

The answer is pretty simple: upload good quality photos and receive good community feedback. If your images get more likes and favorites - it's good for your rating. If you upload an image which no one is interested in - it's not good for your rating. If high-ranking spotters like your photos - it adds more to your rating. And so on.


We want to ask everyone not to get into heated arguments about his/her rating, analyzing competitor's uploads or blaming them for some misdeeds. We are not going to tweak the rating personally for any particular spotters.

You can see a list of the top-rated spotters here:

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Posted:  05/01/2023 17:24:20
That's fascinating. Please let know if there's a new ranking system.
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Posted:  04/10/2023 18:50:53
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Posted:  04/08/2023 07:38:44
In 2013, a new ranking system was launched for spotters on a website that allowed them to upload and share photos of cars. The new system was designed to reward spotters who consistently uploaded high-quality photos and received positive feedback from the community.

The ranking system took into account several factors, including overall likes, favorites, comments, and other undisclosed parameters. The exact algorithm was not revealed to prevent gaming the system, but it was assured that everyone had an equal chance of ranking, and there was no manual intervention.
Posted:  03/29/2023 13:06:29
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Posted:  03/24/2023 19:08:57
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Posted:  02/24/2023 17:27:20
The system takes into account factors such as overall likes, favorites, comments, and other criteria, and rewards those who consistently upload high-quality photos. The exact algorithm used for the rankings is not disclosed to prevent gaming the system, but the website assures its users that everyone has an equal chance of ranking and that no parameters are manually overridden. To increase one's ranking, users are encouraged to upload good-quality photos and receive positive feedback from the community. The website also requests its users avoid getting into arguments about their rankings or analyzing competitors' uploads and assures them that the rankings will not be tweaked personally for any particular spotters.
Posted:  02/17/2023 07:38:29
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Posted:  01/31/2023 23:01:09
This is really great. The ranking is based on several factors such as likes, favorites, comments, and other undisclosed parameters in order to prevent gaming. The system is designed to reward those who consistently upload high-quality photos. The ranking can be increased by uploading good-quality photos and receiving positive feedback from the community. The top-rated spotters can be seen on the website's leaderboard. The article advises not to get into arguments about rankings and assures that they will not be manually adjusted for any particular user.
Posted:  01/30/2023 05:26:48
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