The F70 Enzo Replacement Coming Soon

Sep 29, 2012

Many of us believe the Ferrari "F" series was one of the best series of supercars ever made. Many of us think the F40 is the supercar which actually began the quest for the fastest, nicest, and rarest cars. But, because of the "F" series, the F40 was the first car to reach 200mph. Then, in 1995 the F50 came along. It wasn’t the best of the "F" series. In 2002, The Enzo, or the F60 arrived.  Many people think this is the best supercar ever made. 

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Top 5 Best and Worst Ferraris Ever Made

Sep 26, 2012

Not all Ferraris are created equal.  Yes, they have made some of the world's best looking and driving cars, but some fail to live up to their badge.  Below are what I consider the top 5 best and worst Ferraris ever made.

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