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Share Your Exotic Car Knowledge

Apr 04, 2013

ExoticSpotter has some of the most devoted and knowledgeable exotic car fanatics on the planet, and we want to give you the opportunity to share your unique knowledge with the rest of the community.

What we'd like to do is create a unique summary page for every exotic car on the site.   The summary will give an overview of the car, its history, interesting facts and figures, and any other information you think should be included.

We will be displaying the summaries on the main index pages for each make and model (like this: Ferrari Enzo) and will give recognition to all members who contributed to the summary.  

We want you to write in your own words. Don't just copy and paste information from other sites. It's OK to use facts and figures of course. 

Summaries can contain anything about the make/model. History, some technical info etc. What we are most interested in are "cool details". Well-known owners of the car, famous crashes, rare special editions, weird looking colors/modifications etc.

Don't just list facts. Write out complete sentences.

Please send your summaries, facts, or figures to Make sure to include the make/model(s) you're summarizing, and don't worry too much about the formatting.  We will be mixing and matching the best summaries and will give credit to everyone that contributes info we can use. 

Thank you!


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I learned a lot from the comment section. Nice! I'll let my friend from know about this. She might contribute something!
Posted:  08/02/2022 22:22:35
Your desire, excitement, and aspiration are heard, go . Try your luck and share your emotions. Don't forget who risks wins.
Posted:  07/24/2022 19:52:38
Thank you for providing this summary! I really appreciate it for
Posted:  07/18/2022 13:48:22
Great topic! I have Lots Of old fun memories with my 1970 Volkswagen Beetle, mine was rusted and completely stuck, That car is very different from anything else I have ever used before.
Posted:  06/17/2022 04:53:41
Posted:  05/03/2022 16:51:24
The summary will give an overview of the car, its history, interesting facts and figures, and any other information you think should be included.
Posted:  05/03/2022 16:21:02
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Posted:  03/31/2022 14:40:16
i am so much of a car guy that if i am not spotting cars in my area or out at a cars&coffee then i am on google maps trying to find glimpses of cool cars like this beautiful McLaren P1 in California:,-117.9226605,3a,37.5y,5.6h,76.48t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sAF1QipOS5LKzVJM53GJJ3xkG2yuC_Piqhxgs_QxdBJ8P!2e10!7i9462!8i4731!4m3!8m2!3m1!1e1
Posted:  08/05/2018 22:24:51
I’d do any classic JDM car. (Datsun 240z, Nissan GTRs, Mazda R-X7s, Acura NSXs etc...)
Posted:  03/31/2018 02:26:25
I am very passionate about Ferraris. I will do my best to carve out some time during the rest of this week to email you guys some good info for a couple Ferraris. Ferrari FF, Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari 488 GTB, Ferrari F12, Ferrari F40, Ferrari F50, & The Ferrari Enzo!
Posted:  03/29/2018 13:44:12
I'll get the Nissan GT-R and Nissan Skylines done, as well as the Lexus LFA.
Posted:  08/25/2017 03:12:59
I will do the aventador
Posted:  01/28/2017 10:37:09
How long has this site been up?
Posted:  07/22/2016 06:52:53
Is this even still going haha?
Posted:  06/22/2016 05:59:58
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Moms don't always understand LOL

I was helping my parents move stuff from a storage unit into our new house. My dad left the key to the storage unit in his SUV back at the house. I drove my mom back to the house to get the key. On the way home, I spotted a Maserati Ghibli in traffic and pointed it out to my mom. I was driving so I couldn't take a picture, and I have plenty of GREAT pictures of Ghiblis including the famous gullwing door limo so I didn't bother asking my mom to take a picture.

My mom asked me how much a Ghibli cost, and I told her they started at about $70,000. She told me it looked like any other to her. The Maserati I spotted was an SQ4, so it had the 404hp engine and all-wheel drive! I started rattling off the specs to my mom, and she still didn't seem to get it. If I ever win the lottery, I'll buy my mom a fully loaded Ghibli SQ4 and she'll see what I mean.
Posted:  06/13/2016 16:39:33
To all Texas car spotters and enthusiasts: Trying to set up s blog part about cool cars in dealers for anyone who wants to go see them and Lambo Houston has a 580-2 and 610-4 spyder huracans in stock
Posted:  02/14/2016 01:56:09
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Are we going to keep doing this? If so, I would like to submit some info for the Huracan and BMW i8.
Posted:  05/17/2015 16:26:14
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Um spottings tips I could think of are:

Never be afraid to ask other locals where you could find cars, learn where the best spots are to find cars and keep going back to them.
Posted:  05/12/2015 19:42:19
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New to car spotting even though I've been gear head for as long as I can remember but if anyone's got any advice, I'll be glad to take it.
Posted:  04/06/2015 21:58:56
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