Porsche 918 Spyder  |  Spotted in Charlotte, North Carolina

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Porsche 918 Spyder spotted in Charlotte, North Carolina

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    Charlotte, North Carolina
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    Thought I'd start off my 2015 upload with a bang. I almost had a heart attack when I saw this 918 Spyder pull into the Harris Teeter plaza in Southpark. This was the last exotic I was able to get pictures of in 2014, and was far and away my best spotting of the year. The shot's a little shaky, but I've edited it as best I could. What do you think of it?
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Comments (58 total)
Posted:  10/09/2021 14:59:55
Posted:  10/09/2021 12:53:36
Posted:  10/09/2021 02:16:17
Yes I'll post it eventually, all of my pics are on my old computer so I'll have to copy them over from there.
Posted:  08/31/2021 14:38:14
Insane spot! Are you going to post this on AG eventually?
Posted:  08/31/2021 12:25:43
Wow! I haven't seen any of his current cars in person. If it was at a show, they sometimes won't accept pics unless they're really good and you're somewhat established as a member.
Posted:  07/21/2019 22:42:05
I got to see Marks Senna and Ford GT today, tried uploading a pic but didnt work.
Posted:  07/20/2019 23:35:00
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Dead serious, although I've never spotted any of them. The owner of the 688 HS and one of the P1s is getting the GT. He also just got a red 720S. I've seen one of his past McLarens, a white 650S Spider, but none of his current cars. But anyway, that's awesome you managed to get pics of the Porsche and McLaren! I'll keep my eyes out for pics of them.
Posted:  01/06/2018 16:13:15
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Are you serious?! Those are absolutely insane. Hardly spent any time in that area. And both were while riding in the car but managed to actually get a plenty good pic of the GT3, the 720s was driving the opposite direction and somewhat far away so the pic is not that good but decent enough to keep and upload.
Posted:  01/06/2018 05:30:40
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Holy moly! I hope you got some pics. I've only seen one 991 GT3 RS on the streets and no 720Ss yet. I rarely ever see McLarens around in general, although I did see a white 570S at the Southpark Mall a couple weeks ago. I have seen one Diablo Roadster and one Murcielago Roadster in Charlotte, but sadly there was no way I could react in time to get pics of either one. I think the Murci that I saw was owned by an MLB player (can't remember his name) who has since sold it. I know the twin-turbo Murci is black, but I'm not sure if it's matte or not. He could have had it wrapped though. And yeah haha I don't think he was terribly happy when Mercedes cancelled his Project One order because they initially accepted it, and led him to believe he would get one. He brought the SV Roadster to C&C a couple times (EVL BUL), but I never saw it personally. I think he has a Rolls Royce Dawn as well. And don't count out a Project One coming to NC....there are several rich car enthusiasts with INSANE cars up here in the Triangle who combined have two P1s, three or four 918s, four Porsche 959s, three Carrera GTs, a 688 HS, an all-carbon Huayra, a Ferrari 275 worth about $8M, an F40, a Ruf CTR-3 Clubsport, and some other ridiculous stuff like that. One of them is getting a new Ford GT in a year or so. So it's not out of the question that one could come to Raleigh/Durham.
Posted:  01/06/2018 04:32:57
I've saw the Silver 991 and a gray 720s since I've been home in Charlotte for Christmas break! Never spotted a Diablo or Murcielago in Charlotte on the street (seen a few Murcies at C&C). I think I saw that Murcielago in a youtube video, is the matte black one? And that's pretty damn funny that he said they ran out of carbon fibre. That would mean halting production on literally any Amg model and I'm sure a lot of non-mag's as well lol. A shame we won't see a project 1 anywhere near here most likely.
Posted:  01/05/2018 23:07:29
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There's a blue 997.2 GT3 RS with silver accents (epic spec) in the Ballantyne area, and several 991 GT3 RSs around as well (I know of an orange one, a yellow one, a purple one, and a silver one). There's also a silver 997.1 GT3 RS with orange accents that pops up at various car shows from time to time. I know of three Ford GTs in the same neighborhood up in Cornelius, but I've never seen any of them outside of car shows. There are a few in south Charlotte as well, but they are rarely driven. There are also a couple of Murcielagos (including a twin-turbocharged one) and Diablos around the area. There's a doctor in the Rock Hill area who has a lime green G63 4x4 Squared and also had a white Aventador SV Roadster, but he sold it about a year ago. Before he moved to the area from Ohio, he had a white P1. He was going to get an AMG Project One, but Mercedes declined his order, then he ordered an AMG GT R but cancelled the order after Mercedes "ran out of carbon fiber". I'm not sure what he has now. He was thinking about getting a GT350R and a 720S, but I don't know if either of those materialized. And btw, I think there's a black 720S running around the Charlotte area already, as well as a white GTC4Lusso.
Posted:  01/05/2018 22:03:42
Oh wow, never heard about any of those other than Countach's. I saw a 997 GT3 RS (gray and red) like 5 years ago and have never seen it since (no pic). My brother said he saw a black Ford GT when he was little but never seen that (or any Ford Gt in Charlotte) again.
Posted:  01/05/2018 21:43:05
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Hmmm...there are some valuable classics in the area (Daytonas, Countaches, etc) and some oddball stuff (Morgans), but I'm not aware of any other hypercars currently in the Charlotte area. I think there used to be an Enzo and a Carrera GT, but I haven't heard of either one in a long time. But I think the craziest vehicle anyone has seen in the Charlotte area recently is a Brabus B63S-700. Someone else on the site I was talking about in my last post mentioned that they had seen one on Park Rd a couple weeks ago. That's probably the craziest vehicle I know of :)
Posted:  01/05/2018 20:42:33
Ok cool, thanks for the info. Is this the craziest car in Charlotte that you know of? I think the best I've seen here is probably a UGR Aventador or Aventador SV.
Posted:  01/05/2018 19:44:42
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The last time I saw it was in June of 2016 at the Ben & Jerry's at Foxcroft Village (Southpark area) on Fairview Rd. I did take more pics of it then, but I've been waiting until I get to 500 uploads to post another shot of it. Someone on another site I'm on saw it in February of 2017 at Providence and Sharon Amity, so as far as I know it's still in the area. The owner is the CEO of Sonic Automotive in the Cotswald area. He mainly seems to drive this on weekends, and I believe he has a new R8 V10 Spyder as a daily driver.
Posted:  01/05/2018 17:14:47
Hey Nick, do you know if this car is still aroun? Never seen it or any pics of it on here in forever.
Posted:  01/05/2018 14:08:38
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Thanks again Alyssa!
Posted:  10/11/2015 20:44:57
Posted:  10/11/2015 18:01:31
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Thanks a bunch man!
Posted:  07/27/2015 17:28:08
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