Lamborghini Gallardo  |  Spotted in Auckland, New Zealand

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Lamborghini Gallardo spotted in Auckland, New Zealand

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    Auckland, New Zealand
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    First photo of this crazy combo I spotted! Lamborghini Gallardo Nova and a Lamborghini Murcielago IN THE SAME PHOTO IN NEW ZEALAND!!!!!!!! If you see one of these by themself in a photo, it's crazy rare, but two in the same photo was insane! The combo shot only got better after this with another exotic joining the party! Hope this gets to my first page!
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Comments (16 total)
Thankyou Jeff! I'll go to your page now and find that shot! I love seeing two Murcielagos in one shot!
Posted:  05/18/2016 19:03:14
Got it your first page for you! And I know how you feel! One time checking around for cars I found an awesome green Murcielago roadster at a shopping center. I was so happy to find it and was taking photos, when a completely unrelated black Murci pulled up at the same time!! Stepped back and got a photo of both of their rears, only chance I had to get both in the same shot as the black one just drove through, still very happy to have the chance to get both in one frame.
Posted:  05/18/2016 14:11:14
Im lucky to see a Lambo in Auckland too! They arent very common. Luckily, there are Three Lamborghinis, a Few Ferrari's and other exotics in the area that I live in. A small suburb in Silverdale :) So I'm lucky with that, as realistically, I can sit at home, and let the exotics come to me!! I've had 2 Maserati GT's (1 MC Stradale), drive up my road!
Posted:  11/04/2015 03:39:38
Thanks West!! Trust me, with the way New Zealand is picking up, I won't be surprised if I see more combos like this more often when spotting! Tom wasn't with me at this point, so he didn't see this combo, but luckily I did!! I also saw 3 different supercars in 3 minutes that day!! Was probably my best three minutes ever!!

Thanks Jackson for commenting! I saw a Superlegerra on the same day as this too. Was in a auto servicing garage next to a Bentley Flying Spur. It was bright green too! And that sucks that you missed out on getting photos of that combo!! That would have been a really cool combo to get photos of!! Don't worry, you'll see something great soon, and catch it on camera.
Posted:  10/11/2015 07:21:18
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i had a chance to get a combo like this today, but my dad didn't turn around since we were on i75 and the trailer(with a superleggera, new vantage, and gtc) was broken down
Posted:  10/11/2015 01:16:32
Luke as many cars that you and your brother have been spotting it's just a matter of time before you consistently catch those huge combos!
Posted:  10/10/2015 11:44:08
Thanks Charlie!! What has been your best spot so far is year? Anything incredible??
Posted:  10/09/2015 20:51:53
Posted:  10/09/2015 20:41:52
Thanks Bella!
Wow really Ashoor?? I bet you were super happy!! I literally nearly didn't get good pics of this combo, too much excitement! Lol.
Thanks Sam!!!
And Thankyou West! This combo doesn't live up to your combos though! Hopefully I'll see combos like yours one day!!
Thanks for all the feedback guys!
Posted:  10/09/2015 19:21:13
Excellent combo Luke! Well done.
Posted:  10/09/2015 10:51:55
Wow amazing combo
Posted:  10/09/2015 09:22:24
Great combo! One time I spotted a Diablo 30 SE and a Murcielago together by shear luck and coincidence!
Posted:  10/09/2015 05:12:33
Ahh I see what you're saying!!! If I didn't have to choose between the two, id take both!! Both are really rare in NZ, roughly 60-65 Lamborghini's are in NZ, compared to the millions of Toyota and Hondas etc, so they are really rare! I'd still take both :) lol
Posted:  10/09/2015 00:49:27
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Thanks Lamnorarri!!! This was a moment of nearly dying lol. This was easily my best combo ever!! I'd take the Gallardo too!!
Thanks Rico!! What would you choose?
Posted:  10/09/2015 00:11:33
Nice find Luke! I'd go with the facelifted Gallardo, I absolutely love those.
Posted:  10/08/2015 21:47:16
Thanks Tom!
Posted:  10/08/2015 21:42:36
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