Koenigsegg CCXR  |  Spotted in Hockenheim, Germany

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Koenigsegg CCXR spotted in Hockenheim, Germany

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    Hockenheim, Germany
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    CCX-R Edition in the streets of Hockenheim
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Comments (30 total)
CCXR Edition or CCXR Special Edition?
Posted:  04/26/2013 01:19:43
I personally see no problem with this image...
Posted:  03/13/2013 15:50:59
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OK, I'm ready, again. I, I, I owe you an a,a,a apology. 'Layers' is the true test, and I sent the 2 images to Quincy at the lab to perform the test. The 2 cars are at different angles. There are other subtle differences, but differences nonetheless. I'm talkin' car stuff, not scene stuff. There are also enough identicalities to make me nuts. Still. The odds of 2 different sets of everythings (photographers, equipment, physics. environment, luck & chance) combining to produce 2 such similar pictures is beyond my mathematical comprehension. But science is science. The truth will set you free. They are different pictures. Quincy & Layers rule. I am wrong and I apologize.
Posted:  03/12/2013 22:58:32
i have agreed with you teresa!

wheres my compliment :))))) jkjkjkjkjjk
Posted:  03/08/2013 15:17:38
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They're at different angles too
Posted:  03/08/2013 15:16:17
finally a person with well working eyes. Thx lambohead
Posted:  03/08/2013 15:12:44
thank you
Posted:  03/08/2013 14:12:53
Posted:  03/08/2013 13:46:44
soooooooooooo true teresa!
Posted:  03/08/2013 13:25:07
muhahahaha it's not the same picture. If you want I can put the originals together next to each other and upload them here. I don't know why you people think I would waste my time by editing a stupid picture. My pictures don't need photoshop editing like that, because I use them just how they are. Nice explanation, but sorry, everything you said is stupid nonsense xD
Posted:  03/08/2013 11:25:46
reflections in side mirror is of different reflections, the reflection on the front right bumper is of 2 different cars, this one is a white car and other is a dark car (cant make out color properly) also the road markings are difference

but they do seem almost identical, IMO they not the same, great shot, lucky to See this
Posted:  03/08/2013 11:22:52
OK, I'm ready. I Found this car, and comments by chance. Just doing my homework. What's a Koenigsegg?? Had to find out. I'm new here, so I do not know the players or the timing. I'm just looking at the 2, or 1, photos of the car. I placed them side-by-side on the screen. I agree w. Andrewo. All of the angles are identical. You do the same. Study each same small part of the photos one at a time. Compare & contrast. Yes, some of the reflections are different, & some small differences in the shadow areas, shades of gray black & white kind of thing. EXCELLENT photoshop work. Here's the tie-breaker: examine the wheels! Yes, the shadows, grays, & tones are very slightly different, but, & a very big butt, THE SPOKES (?) ARE IN THE EXACT SAME POSITION!! What are the chances of that happening at 1/60, 1/125, or 1/250 (?, just guessing) of a second??? Non, nada, nem, nyet, zilch, zero, pas, pas, pas, fugedaboutit, NO chance! Please, do this comparison for yourself.
Posted:  03/08/2013 11:09:01
one of the best looking car in the world,i love it a lot
Posted:  02/11/2013 04:42:31
Nice,haven't seen a ccx featured lately
Posted:  02/06/2013 08:57:46
Well, now I understand why you left this site... but I have to admit that at first sight I also thought it is your picture from Flickr^^ Haha. 94hp against 1018hp...
Posted:  02/06/2013 00:56:14
You guys are right. The reflections are different. Teresa, I am honestly sorry if I offended you. It's just that the angle of the car in the pic is sooo similar to the other picture that I also thought it was the same one with just a different background added. To be honest it makes no difference to me. I think your pics are among the best on the site. I wish I could see a fraction of the cars you do and I am incredibly envious of the quality of your pictures. Please, keep them coming!
Posted:  02/05/2013 19:36:35
Yeah but really... Please just don't write down lies and then say sorry... Maybe you all should learn to think before writing... And not think after you accuse someone doing something that's obviously not true. It's happening on many pictures here... And it's just annoying and stupid. I'm back for some hours, uploaded two pictures and you guys already did it again... unbelievable
Posted:  02/05/2013 19:33:35
he admmited to being wrong... drop it
Posted:  02/05/2013 19:29:11
Well, I'm going to side with Teresa. The angle and the reflections are a slight bit different.

Beat me to it :)
Posted:  02/05/2013 19:28:40
This is a real building in the background... damn it... Please guys, look and then talk! And don't tell lies, I really hate that on this site! This photo is not photoshopped!
Posted:  02/05/2013 19:28:03
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