Ferrari LaFerrari  |  Spotted in Beverly Hills, California

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Ferrari LaFerrari spotted in Beverly Hills, California

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    Beverly Hills, California
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    My second LaFerrari! I had seen this car parked right here, and eventually everyone left after taking photos allowing me to get this amazing shot. Such an amazing car and sooo loud.After seeing this in person, and an Enzo in person much earlier, I must say I prefer this one to the Enzo, although they are both insane cars. A little bit of a darker red on this car, but it looks absolutely gorgeous. Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T5
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    Ferrari LaFerrari First Spot Hyper car Enzo Canon T5  
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Comments (17 total)
I'll be there!
Posted:  01/12/2019 03:42:52
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can't wait!
Posted:  01/12/2019 02:21:31
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here are the cars dan (dan_am_i) is bringing!!!!!!!
Posted:  01/12/2019 01:17:33
lucky :.( have fun :)
Posted:  01/12/2019 00:58:18
Oh i'm going! I live at OC! :)
Posted:  01/12/2019 00:12:04
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yall need to go to the Orange County festival of speed!!!

I want to go sssssssooooooooooo bad but I am in MD and flights are $500 :.(

but dan (dan_am_i) is bringing like 7 of his hypercars including Zonda's senna's Koenigsegg's and much more!!!
Posted:  01/12/2019 00:02:14
@millertime213 Congrats. I unfortunately don't go to many shows. I can give u a lot of good spotting spots if u personal message me.

@dandude999 Damn. That's crazy and thanks man. Hope to see a P1 next time
Posted:  01/11/2019 21:10:41
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@ALB15 I just moved to San Diego from San Francisco! Looking forward to finding out the best spotting locations. Saw a sweet white Huracan Spyder downtown last night that I'll upload. Also thinking of heading up to Fontana for the OC Festival of Speed this weekend. Let me know when there's stuff going on, and I'll do the same! -Steve
Posted:  01/10/2019 18:09:39
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@ALB15 I still am amazed to see a LaF as they look beautiful, especially the Apertas! I'm not sure myself how I have spotted 8 LaFs to be honest but I hope that number just keeps on rising! Good luck spotting more!
Posted:  01/10/2019 07:35:24
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@CarbonP1 Thanks man! This one was owned by an Asian guy, if that helps you identify if it is the same one or not.

@MarylandSpotter Thanks for the L/F dude! Don't worry, you will spot one eventually.

@dandude999 Thanks. But damn, 8 LaFerrari's. I live in San Diego so seeing this beauty was a true treat.

@giostazz56 True. I saw this spec on a 300SL that I posted right before this, and to be honest, I love it on both cars. A yellow La Ferrari would be the best spec though.

@millertime213 Thanks man. I love this spec as well, but yellow would just be insane. I hope you spot one soon man. Also, is that a baby blue LaFerrari as your profile pic...that looks sick.

@thenumerouno Damn...lucky! lol. Thanks for the love man, the angle is my favorite photo for this car.
Posted:  01/10/2019 00:58:24
It doesn't get any better than this (for me). Awesome! I've seen 4 LaFerraris, but they have all been at shows or dealerships (red, blue, black, white).
Posted:  01/09/2019 18:16:03
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Not the best spec since it's just like every other one I've seen, but that's a great shot:-). L/F
Posted:  01/09/2019 17:05:37
I've seen many at the dealer but only like 2 in the wild!
Posted:  01/09/2019 15:49:22
thx! all I need to do is go to CA but that is like a $400 plane trip without hotel which is like $200 per night... but someday I'll get there! I've spotted an Enzo before as well!
Posted:  01/09/2019 12:58:31
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Insane Spot and Beautiful Shot! : D

I have seen 8 LaFs now I believe, but only one Enzo. LaFs are popular in Europe for sure! Good luck spotting one @MarylandSpotter!
Posted:  01/09/2019 07:21:55
never seen one :.( L/F
Posted:  01/09/2019 03:56:52
Great find! Saw a Laf (Maybe the same one?) when I went there!
Posted:  01/09/2019 03:54:57
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