Ferrari F50  |  Spotted in Carmel, California

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Ferrari F50 spotted in Carmel, California

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    Carmel, California
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    Credit for this photo goes to my dad, who took this picture with his SLR camera. This F50 was one of the cars that I thought I wouldn't see at Car Week even though it was there. Glad I did! This is my 300th upload!
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    red   monterey   car week  
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Comments (19 total)
Ya i got a few shots and I think one turned out well. I might post it tomorrow.
Posted:  09/22/2013 23:17:03
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Cool. Pics?
Posted:  09/22/2013 23:04:27
Ya all I saw today was a awesome looking Vantage.
Posted:  09/22/2013 21:34:05
You might. I know there are some cars that live there like an F40 and the Nurburgring LFA that was at car week.
Posted:  09/22/2013 14:11:33
I'm going to Carmel tomorrow, I hope I see something.
Posted:  09/22/2013 04:08:46
Yeah, it seems like you saw the stuff that came around after I left, and I saw the stuff that came around before you got there. Wish I had seen that Spyker.
Posted:  09/22/2013 04:06:51
Nah.... I was traveling most of the time so I didn't see that much. I got to Carmel at around 6 and the best thing that rolled by was the white out mafia, ppi r8, 8C, spyker c8 and that is pretty much it.
Posted:  09/22/2013 02:38:33
Lol falsely you were there shorter than I was and you saw more than me.
Posted:  09/22/2013 02:21:13
Damn. I only saw 3 Veyrons.

And I did not see this. But then again, I was only at Monterey for a day.
Posted:  09/22/2013 01:23:05
Great spot!

Andrew, can't wait to see the kinds of classic cars you spotted.
Posted:  09/22/2013 00:31:30
Yeah I only saw two Veyrons. This was my first year going, so I didn't know my way around that incredibly well, so I hope I see more next year. Also I'll be able to drive next time, so I won't have to give my dad immediate directions lol.
Posted:  09/22/2013 00:28:45
Wow! I was pretty disappointed that I never saw the MC12. Or many Bugattis. Still a great Car Week though!
Posted:  09/21/2013 23:50:47
4??? I only knew about this one and the F50 GT.
Posted:  09/21/2013 23:31:06
I heard the owner was driving this all over Carmel and Monterey and he was driving the cr*p out of it too.. the proper way to drive it. That's a good thing. Great shot by your Dad.
Posted:  09/21/2013 20:42:19
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Awesome! Love the F50! One of my all-time most favorite Ferrari. Just so beautiful!
Posted:  09/21/2013 20:38:05
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The back was dirtier than the front, and yes, the wheels were filthy.
Posted:  09/21/2013 20:31:43
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Amazing Spot! This is such an awesome car! Looks so sweet! Great Shot too! L/F
Posted:  09/21/2013 20:20:00
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Posted:  09/21/2013 20:18:41
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Classic hottie!! L+F :D
Posted:  09/21/2013 20:15:51
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