Ferrari 308  |  Spotted in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Ferrari 308 spotted in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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    Albuquerque, New Mexico
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    Spotted at an iHOP. It looks like it was broken down and the owner was kind of a douche. I asked him if I could take a picture and they both ignored me and then I asked if they needed help at all and they ignored me again. I don’t blame him, I’d me upset too if my Ferrari was broken down. So I just picked up my food and snapped a pic as I drove off. It looks like it’s a racing Ferrari. Anyone know about the decals on the car?
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Comments (18 total)
Of course we're talking about a 308, so it's not too expensive now
Posted:  03/22/2018 19:51:30
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Yeah I’d be sad too if my expensive sports car broke down too.
Posted:  03/22/2018 19:36:18
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@Ferrarilover7 Thanks! And yeah kinda sucked but like I said didn’t let it bother me I saw it from his perspective
Posted:  03/22/2018 18:57:40
@lukaku145 Hahaha wtf but did you end up getting the pic of the 512bb? And like everyone is saying in here it seems like the owners of the older ones are the rude ones :P
Posted:  03/22/2018 18:57:01
@rampante550 Yeah that’s the stereotype with Ferrari owners lol, fortunately I’ve had a good experience with all of them but also this is the first time I’ve seen one of the older Ferrari’s in the wild and the first time any exotic car owner has ever been rude
Posted:  03/22/2018 18:48:45
@KennyMK6R I mean yeah that shouldn’t justify it but the if the guy had no contacts here, couldn’t speak the language, had to keep up with the tour, and maybe didn’t even know what he was doing with his car, he probably just hated life at that point lol and thought “wtf is some kid going to do to help”
Posted:  03/22/2018 18:46:44
@croftoncustoms That’s awesome! I think I had heard something about it.. But yeah that makes sense. Like I said, don’t blame the guy. This happened just a few days before concours I believe and yeah Jerry is chill af. Can’t believe you got a ride in the F40 dude that’s amazing!
Posted:  03/22/2018 18:42:27
@leaf_soto @ Haha that’s the stereotype. I feel bad for the guy though since he’s not even from here. I wonder if he would’ve been nicer if he had just stopped to get food and his car was fine..
Posted:  03/22/2018 18:35:56
@lukaku145 Haha yeah this was the first time I encountered a douche owner, lol. Wasn’t too bothered by it though and now that I read @croftoncustoms comment it makes a little more sense. Doesn’t speak the language and his Ferrari broke down in a country that’s not his and being thousands of miles away from home? Must not be fun.
Posted:  03/22/2018 18:33:40
Cool find! A shame that they ignored you.
Posted:  03/22/2018 13:59:09
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One of the rude ones drove a California who told me “if I was good I was good I could be his good ornament”. He was older and was very friendly up to that point letting me take photos of the car so I think it was unintentionally rude and was meant to be a joke so it didn’t bother me. The others one was a 512bb owner in Davidson who pretty much ignored me and acted self-important.
Posted:  03/22/2018 13:41:56
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Funny thing - in my experience, owners of 308s, Mondials, etc. are far more rude/stand-offish/etc. than the heavier cars. Brand-new owners are probably split 50/50
Posted:  03/22/2018 11:57:21
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Fixed it
Posted:  03/22/2018 01:32:52
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Leaf_Soto- Generalization of the century. Lolol
Posted:  03/22/2018 01:29:57
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@Leaf: you can't say that. Just because some people have bad interactions or there are the few who are and deserve to be called that dosnt make every owner one( for any car). Generalizing this statement is just in poor taste.

Example: A local owner of numerous exotics including a F40, 250 California, 275SWB and many more is by far the nicest, most down to earth person. To the extent that the day I met him he took me for a ride in his F40 in the rain instead of taking it home because it has only been rained on a handful of times. He also has a large car show at his estate where he opens it to the public. Who does that!? Not a A-hole Ferrari owner, that's for sure.
Posted:  03/22/2018 01:28:04
Wow! So they were part of the Tour Americal. It's a rally from overseas and in 2017 they came through NM. I met a handful of them who all spoke little English because they were from Belgium, France, and other countries. It's a long tour and they are completely out of their comfort zone for sure. That's why I'm guessing they ignored you; they just didn't understand you. Sad they broke down during the rally but hopefully they got it fixed and finished it.
Posted:  03/22/2018 01:23:12
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That just goes to show that most Ferrari owners are arseholes. Before I was thinking, "I hope he knows what he's doing" and now I know he was being so rude, I'd crack open a cold one and just laugh.
Posted:  03/22/2018 01:23:02
I've only ever met two rude exotic owners before and both of them were Ferrari owners. Never had anyone blatantly ignore me like that before though when being polite, that sucks.
Posted:  03/21/2018 22:20:17
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