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  • Name Pussy
  • Age 12
  • Gender Male
  • From Australia , Sydney
  • About Me guys legit this is my opinion the mods have recently realised the lack of activity in this site and now they are doing stuff that people have been askinf for years E.G the 1000 fav limit removed, new categories and now featuring everything to me this site has gone but not forgotten I don't use it as much as I do tbh the lack in L+F on shots that deserve way more think abt it. Shots that deserve like 60 likes are getting 20 so they are trying to "fix" it with Featuring everything. How long have pple been asking for this and we never got it so people moved on and they peobly see the lowest levels of activity
  • Interests Piece of advice stop wasting youre time cunts taking pics of other peoples cars trust me gets you nowhere fucking work hard and slay pussy and live life ya fucks
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