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  • Name Nathan
  • Age 28
  • Gender Male
  • From California , Fremont
  • About Me I'm a bassist who loves photography, especially on cars. I worked for my school's magazine as one of the photographers. I really love exotics, they are just awesome to look at and listen to. I also like jamming with my band mates. Favorite Bands include: U2, Nirvana, Rush, The Rolling Stones, Queen, AC/DC, The Killers and Foo Fighters. I'm a Rocker. I currently live in Boulder, Colorado. Some of the photos are taken with my phone, so the quality may be bad on some of them. Please take a look at my photography page on facebook or my flickr page. thanks
  • Interests Cars, exotics especially, photography, How I met your mother, Friends, Baby Daddy, Community, That '70s Show, Rock n' Roll, Top gear, Agents of Shield and hawaii five 0
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