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Forum Rules

We want our forum to be a place where anyone can discuss exotic cars, spotting of exotic cars and any other related topics.
We want all the discussions to proceed in a peaceful way, without skirmishes, but well argumented disputes are welcome.

Below are some guidelines.

  • Be polite. Don't use bad language.
  • Respect the forum's structure. Don't post offtopics. Please make moderators's lives easier.
  • Avoid posting 2 or more successive posts in the same topic. It's better to fit everything into the one post.
  • Avoid excessing quoting. When replying to someone, try to quote only those parts of the text that you are really want to adress.
  • Don't post too large images. This will make the forum slow and we will remove them.
    Don't post too many images per post. Again this will make the forum slow.
  • Don't post links to sites known to contain "bad" materials. You know, porn, virues etc. Will will remove those posts immediately.

We will ban (temporarily or forever) anyone trying to abuse the forum.