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2014 Lotus Esprit Concept Revealed

Sep 30, 2012

Written by Zach T. (zackistan)

We all remember the 2001 Lotus Esprit V8. It was a good car but after awhile, it wasn’t so pleasing. The Esprit is one of the most iconic Lotus street cars around, and one of the rarer ones too. However, people began asking themselves, "What would the Esprit look like if they made a more modern-day version?"  And wouldn't you know, right when people started wondering, Lotus reveals an Esprit concept at the Paris Motor Show! Lotus predicts they’ll be in dealers and shown to future customers in late 2014.



The 2014 Esprit is also going to have an all-aluminum V8 engine. It will be made by Lotus' own engineers and produce 600bhp, but since this car is a hybrid, it has an electric motor which adds 100 more bhp. That gives this car a total of 700bhp. Its peak revs could be slightly over 9000rpm before redlining. 


The starting price will be about, 160,000 pounds (about $240,000 dollars). It also comes with a twin-clutch gear box, choice of the speed you’d want to go, and a button which turns on the electric motor. The technology was designed by Wolf Zimmermann, who also designed the technology for the Mercedes SLS AMG E-Cell. The Esprit is in competition with the 2014 Honda NSX. They both cost the same, look similar, and both are hybrids. I personally think the Esprit is a better deal because it is sportier than the NSX.


When these are released into the wild in 2014, be on the look out! These will be produced in very limited quantities, and will probably be a hard car to find. Who will be the first on Exotic Spotter to spot this car? We’ll have to find out mid to late 2014! 

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