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Quick Tip for Taking Better Pictures

Sep 26, 2012

Written by Matthieu P. (Forzafaithful99)

There are so many tips and techniques regarding car photography that I could write about, but that would take too much of your  time, so here is the one that I think is the most important. It can basically be summed up as, "Don't use that angle that everybody else uses!" 



The following picture is a perfect example of what I'm talking about, the camera shows half of the front, and half of the side. 



Now that wouldn't be so bad if at least the picture were taken from a different height. The photo below is taken from the car's height, so it's as if you are looking up to the car. This instantly makes a photo a lot more interesting in my opinion.





You might even consider putting your camera on the ground, and taking the shot that way!

Another good way to liven up your photos is to take pictures of just the front or the side of the car.  Here is a good example:




This really grabs peoples attention, and is especially effective when you are taking pictures of cars with bold grills. (Bentleys, Aston Martins, ect...)

This is a really a simple technique that many spotters here  already use. If you don't, though, I really urge you to give it a shot. This really revolutionized

my shots, and I hope it will do the same for you. 


Have a thought or a technique I can include in my next blog post? Just leave a comment below.

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Posted:  10/18/2017 08:53:16
Posted:  07/15/2016 02:12:13
IMO the cars shot techniques are different from cars to cars, at the moment I've got about 100 pics taken during the summer to upload...
Posted:  09/30/2012 06:21:25
I have between 150 and 250 pictures still to upload. Including all my favorite ones.
Posted:  09/28/2012 12:49:35
i find it hard not to upload all my shots as soon as i get them haha

i try to spread them out over a few days, over the weekdays
Posted:  09/27/2012 17:21:05
I've gotten more interesting in photography in the past few months so my shots are better but I haven't really uploaded anything taken later than like June or July. I have a shot I have yet to upload and it's probably my favorite shot I've ever taken
Posted:  09/27/2012 16:45:29
I have totally changed my photo taking skills to the next level, and this makes it much better!
Posted:  09/27/2012 09:36:40
Thanks! The half front half side angle is good if you just want a picture of a car. I would get that angle and the ones I described if you find an exceptional car, or you just have a lot of time. Also, because that angle is good for seeing all the car, it is way overused. I personally get tired of seeing so many pictures taken that way, I usually still like them, though.
Posted:  09/27/2012 06:34:38
i already know how to get a good shot but am glad you put this together should help alot of new people

getting the car in the center on the picture even gap on either side.. not cutting part of the car off in the picture

landscape shots rather than portrait
Posted:  09/27/2012 02:24:39
The picture of the Elise may be more interesting but the picture of the black Bentley shows more of the car. I think they are both good shots even if the "front/half side" is pretty common. If you just want a picture of the car, I'd recommend using that one.
Posted:  09/27/2012 00:25:18
Posted:  09/26/2012 23:56:12
That's a nice photo, my favorites are probably the side profile, or from this angle:
Posted:  09/26/2012 20:33:53
Well if I ever see one, I will definitely try to get that angle, but I also want to try the one I used on the Lotus and this Murcielago. I thought it was pretty cool,
Posted:  09/26/2012 19:44:40
I think it really depends on the car. Certain angles make certain cars look really good. A picture dead on of the front of a Ferrari FF is probably the worst angle for it. A really high angle can look really good too. This is the best one for the Aventador IMO:
Posted:  09/26/2012 19:33:12
great advice!
Posted:  09/26/2012 19:20:37
Thanks! I feel really bad because I'm about to upload an old photo that breaks every one of these tips. Oh well....
Posted:  09/26/2012 19:19:39
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