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Uploading Tips

Aug 21, 2012

Time and again, we've been having the same issues come up when it comes to photo submissions. Here are some tips and guidelines we'd like to ask you to follow when submitting and reporting photos.


1) Stolen Images:

We want to thank our members for being active at identifing stolen photos and reporting it. Just one tip: before reporting, please make sure you have decent proof and include that proof in your report.

If you are able to find the exact same image on another site, it doesn't necessarily mean the image is stolen. There's a chance the spotter has posted it on the other site. So please try to check facts before reporting and/or posting accusations in comments.

There have been cases when all the reports and accusations were just wrong. For example, the following two photos were reported stolen many times, but it turned out everything was legitimate.

Ferrari Enzo spotted in Samedan, Switzerland on 09/15/2006  Bugatti Veyron spotted in Montreal, Canada on 06/09/2012, photo 6

For those who upload stolen photos, we have no choice but to delete your account, so please don't do it.


2) Posting Non-Exotic Cars

We've had many submissions of vehicles that are not exotic.
Arguments are often the same: "I know it's not exotic but this is the first time I've seen this on the road" or "I know it's not exotic but it looks so cool". If it's not an exotic car, the photos will not be accepted.

 If for some reason you are 100% sure the image deserves to be posted here - please provide a thorough explanation in the description.


3) Submitting Photos to the Wrong Category

Often spotters will select the wrong category just because they can't find the proper one. Sometimes we don't have the proper category on the site, so people will try to upload to a similar category. For example, we've had Porsche Cayman submitted as a 911 or Audi TT as R8.

If you can't find the proper selection, please submit under the "Other" category. We closely monitor the "Other" category and will create new vehicle categories as needed.


4) Only 2 Photos Per Spotting

 Please upload only 2 images per spotting. They should be two completely different angles of the vehicle, choose the two best ones. Sometimes we receive almost the same image with only tiny differences. Please, don't upload the second image if it looks almost the same and brings no new details.


5) Low Quality Images

We understand that it's sometimes difficult to get a good shot of a vehicle, but please be mindful of the quality you upload. We can accept somewhat blurry images, but they must be interesting.

Don't upload pictures of very common exotics that are parked, blurry and dark. We expect the quality of these photos to be good to excellent. For super exotics like a Bugatti Veyron, we'll make more of an exception on low quality.


6) No Descriptions

Please don't post empty or meaningless descriptions.
We all want to know more about the spot, so why keep it secret?
If you're posting a Ferrari F430 image, then what is the point in a 2-word
description "Ferrari F430"? At least describe the exact location you spotted it along with the time of day.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. By following these guidelines, it will make it easier for us to maintain and grow the site for you guys.

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Posted:  10/18/2017 08:53:57
Posted:  07/15/2016 02:12:27
Can someone help me? Ive got a photo i would like to delete due to not good quality but for some reason when i bring up the photo and you click the X to delete it it says "server Error" is anybody else having this same problem or does someone know why its doing this? Thanks Heaps!
Posted:  03/05/2015 04:11:52
why can't we upload mp4 video on here?
Posted:  07/22/2013 13:58:51
How do you add different tags onto your own pictures because when I try it seems like it is joining all of them as one tag?? :)
Posted:  02/06/2013 09:10:01
Or just email the pictures to yourself if you have a smartphone, or use the "Dropbox" app.
Posted:  09/25/2012 18:02:40
i do that to, but it be easier with an app it isent as good on the web
Posted:  09/25/2012 14:38:33
We don't need an app, you can log onto the website from your phone, and upload images from there. I did it with that Alpina B7 I recently spotted.
Posted:  09/24/2012 17:26:45
Once there are more mercedes catagory....... the Mercedes photos need to be sorted because many of them are out of place
Posted:  09/24/2012 00:57:06
 1 like
@admin, Thnx 4 accepting my own spots :)
Posted:  09/23/2012 00:43:47
iOS and Android app plzzzzz :)
Posted:  09/22/2012 16:35:02
Also with an app then people would just post a bunch of bad cell phone pictures.
Posted:  09/19/2012 20:53:47
In response to the app comments: as cool as it would be to upload photos from your mobile device (iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc.), there are quite a bit of complications to this. I created an app in a joint venture with one of my friends and while it was eventually added as an app, it was tedious work and it involved having to find someone with a fairly large name for apps and someone who's experienced at it. You also need to have the coding down, correct info, pricing, and you need to write down every little microscopic detail possible for Apple to get it approved, otherwise it's not going through. But before all of the finalizations you have to test the app, troubleshoot. Find some people to see what they think. You need to make sure it doesn't crash or lag. You again need to make it almost flawless to have Apple approve it. It's a pain in the ass to do and it takes a little bit of money if you really want to get it going.
Posted:  09/19/2012 09:39:37
i would love to help sort! please pick me and djshift and a few other people!
Posted:  09/19/2012 00:36:56
If we are able to upload photos from your iPhone, I'd be soooo happy.
Posted:  09/15/2012 07:53:57
seen is correct
Posted:  09/13/2012 19:48:57
Posted:  09/12/2012 10:22:00
I haven't seen a Veyron yet..
Posted:  09/12/2012 06:05:17
oh and andrew
no offense but you see a veyron like everyday so there common to you. i see a few each month so th me they are exotic
Posted:  09/11/2012 19:00:09
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