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  • Age 31
  • About Me Hi I'm Meghan I'm 19 and I'm living at home while I go to university. I am a cheerleader for my university football team and I "L" "O" "V" "E" love it! I get mostly As but I also got a B so I'm trying to be a good student and make my daddy proud. I want to be an attorney when I graduate.
  • Interests I love cheer and football. I love most sports both watching and playing! I love cars too especially exotics. I drive a Saleen Mustang right now but when I open my law practice I hope to own at least 1 Ferrari and 1 Lamborghini and a Bugatti. A girl can dream can't she? My daddy owns a Ferrari 430 but he never lets me drive it :( I have a ton of great memories of doing car club stuff with him since I was little and he used to own a 360 Ferrari until he traded it for the 430. We do track days and the club meet drives around Florida. I love it so much and one day I'm gonna have my own car to drive to those things :) Wish me luck boys :P Favorite music: I listen to everything! Even country. I'm not that into Mexican Polka tho so almost everything I guess. I am always rocking something from vintage Rock to Rap and everywhere in between! Favorite movies: Me and my girlfriends go to movies all the time and we love movies so much. Just saw In Tim with JT and it was real good. Puss n Boots was kinda lame. My favorite movies are The Godfather and Scarface. I love gangster movies and powerful men. Thos movies were totally awesome. I have seen Godfather like 20 times. I also like the Kevin Costner Robin Hood too