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  • Name ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Age 24
  • Gender Female
  • From Australia
  • About Me I live in Australia so I know that I may never see one, but my favourite car is the Bugatti Veyron SS WRE. I'd love to go to London, California or South Florida. I can't wait to win the lottery so I can own my mansion in Florida with my 24 ( yes, you read that correctly) different types of Veyron and various other exotics. ----- Oh and I forgot to mention I AM AWESOME
  • Interests I like anything involved with cars or music. ------ My top 3 modern-day cars: 3. Gumpert Apollo 2. Pagani Huayra 1. BUGATTI VEYRON SS WRE!!! ----- My top 3 old cars: 3. Bugatti 57SC 2. Ferrari 288 GTO 1. Aston Martin DB4 convertible with DB5 front ( like the one is Australia.) ----- =] :-) :3 :) ;) :D :P =^_^=
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