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  • Name Kyson Chen
  • Age 13
  • Gender Male
  • From Taiwan , Taipei
  • About Me Hi, I am Kyson from Taiwan, I love cars and this is my exotic spotting account I try to spot cars whenever I can. I am trying to live a supercar dream, which I can't now. My dream car now is a Mclaren Senna. My favorite car brand is Mclaren hence the screen name 'Themacboy'. Car brand executives, I would love to hear from you, please correct me if I get any numbers wrong. If you would like to sponsor my videos please email me at My name is not Mark and that is just my friend's name. You will probably see him in some videos, also my other friends. Thank you an awful lot for watching. Best regards, Kyson
  • Interests I really like cars and making videos about them on my YouTube channel and I also enjoy playing basketball.
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